„I believe in the immortality of the Theatre, it is a most joyous place to hide, for all those who have secretly put their childhood in their pockets and run off and away with it, to play on to the end of their days.“

Max Reinhard 

From 2008-2012 Johanna studied at the famous „Ernst Busch“ academy of dramatic art’s in Berlin. During her studies she already was hired at „Deutsches Theater“ in 2010 and worked with directors such as Stephan Kimmig and Alexander Riemenschneider. She also was hired to the famous „Berliner Ensemble“ in the same year in order to act in some different plays. For instance in „Gretchen’s Faust“ with Martin Wuttke. 2012 she was playing the lead role in „Tales from the Viena Woods“ (Director: Enrico Lübbe) and in „The Threepenny Opera“(D.:Robert Wilson). Until 2015 she was a main member of the cast at the Berliner Ensemble and Claus Peymann. She played more female leading roles such as „Marie“ in „Woyzeck“ or „Ophelia“ in „Hamlet“ (D.:Leander Haußmann) and worked closely togehther with world-famous directors such as Robert Wilson, Luc Bondy and Leander Haußmann. International guest performances in America, Australia, Asia, Russia and Europe with up to 2700 viewers per show were another highlight of her young career as an actress. Since summer 2015 Johanna Griebel works as freelancer for theater and film. Her latest work was a lead role in a movie by Andreas Arnstedt called „Das schaffen wir schon“. She lives in Berlin.

1983 in Bielefeld
origin:german with greek roots
light brown
language:english(fluently), spanish(beginner), french(beginner)
skills:fencing, horse riding, surfing, sailing, swimming, handball, volleyball, various dancing skills, tap-dance

instruments: singing soprano / mezzo-soprano
guitar(good), trumpet(basic skills), piano(basic skills)
license:full drivers license
main residence:Berlin
education:2008-2012 Academy of Dramatic arts „Ernst Busch“, Berlin
2013-2015 coaching for film/TV and camera acting with Sigrid Andersson, Berlin
2020-2021 screen-acting masterclass with David Penn (the naked face)
acting age:30-40

Vita Theater selection

Präsidenten-Suite | 2018-2020 | leading role | Guntebert Warns | Renaissance Theater Berlin

The Threepenny Opera (Brecht) | 2012-2020 | leading role | director: Robert Wilson | Berliner Ensemble

The Entertainer | 2018 | Jean | director : Fabian Gerhardt | Santinis Theaterproduction Berlin

Sleep my little prince | 2015 | leading role | director: Franz Wittenbrink | Berliner Ensemble

Woyzeck (Büchner) | 2014 -2017 | leading role | director: Leander Haußmann | Berliner Ensemble

Hamlet (Shakespeare) | 2014-2017 | leading role | director: Leander Haußmann | Berliner Ensemble

Don Juan comes back from the war (Horváth) | 2013 | leading role | director: Luc Bondy | Berliner Ensemble

Peter Pan | Lost Boy | 2013-2017 | director: Robert Wilson | Berliner Ensemble

Tales from the Vienna Wood (Horváth) | leading role | 2012-2014 | director: Enrico Lübbe | Berliner Ensemble

Vassa Shelesnova (Gorki) | Natalja | 2012 | director: Manfred Karge | Berliner Ensemble

Über Leben (Herzberg) | Hendrikje | 2011 | director: Stephan Kimmig | Deutsches Theater Berlin

Hamlet ist tot. Keine Schwerkraft (Palmetshofer) | leading role | 2010 | director: Alexander Riemenschneider | Deutsches Theater Berlin

Gretchens Faust (Goethe) | Gretchen | 2010 | director: Martin Wuttke | Berliner Ensemble

Vita movie selection

Münter und Kandinsky | 2023| Nebenrolle | Regisseur: Markus O. Rosenmüller | Kino

Helen Dorn| 2023 | Nebenrolle | Regisseur: Friedemann Fromm | TV

Soko Wismar | 2022 | Hauptrolle | Regisseur: Oliver Dommenget | TV

Das schaffen wir schon | 2017 | leading role | director: Andreas Arnstedt | cinema

lost in my heart | 2016 | leading role | director: berlin böcek produktion | short movie

Juli and Mr. Paul | 2016 | leading role | director: Winfried Goos | short movie

sham and shelter | 2015 | leading role | director: Alexander Ullmann | short movie

girls | 2009 | leading role | director: Andreas Simon | TV

Preise und Auszeichnungen

diploma with distinction school of dramatic arts „Ernst Busch“ Berlin

nominated best play „Friedrich-Luft-Preis 2012“ for „Tales from the Vienna Woods”, director : Enrico Lübbe, Berliner Ensemble

nominated best play „Friedrich-Luft-Preis 2014“ for „Hamlet”, director: Leander Haußmann, Berliner Ensemble

Sophie-Opel-Preis, Publikumspreis 2016 for „Umparken im Kopf”, director: Alexander Ullmann at Filmfest München